13 March 2016

Bone Hill rises up at a gradient 20%

South west property prices show a rise of twenty percent over a couple of years; the highest across the whole country, say the papers. Here is 20% at Bone Hill, near Chinkwell Tor down towards Widdecombe. It's steep enough to break a neck and requires bottom gear going up.

Trump tells it as it is, but an old Etonian bends the vernacular into soggy verbage like the sphagnum moss found on Dartmoor yet his holds far less water.
Bring on Boris, listen to the honest passion and read his writings slowly.

Enough, enough!  Back to the business of my jalopying about the lanes at the crack of dawn. The light was soft this morning, so delayed sunrise through a haze over this area of out-standing natural beauty.

Further on down the lane grows steeper and steeper

Bonehill Rocks

Hound Tor

Ancient wall by Saddle Tor

I told this heavy horse she looked lovely and I swear she nodded in agreement.

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