29 March 2016

How do I manage my prejudices.

This morning at 9.25 am I find myself listening to a radio 4 programme concerning the immigration issue and Britains' borders under threat.
My particular difficulty is not to do with the arguments so much as the fact that the programme is being broadcast from one; "state of the art studio at Harvard in America".  The eminent Professor is answering incoming questions from a tranche of 30 countries.
I feel that our BBC is promoting the views of this American Professor, over and above those equally qualified UK citizens, be they professors, doctors, teachers or experts and the like, from any of the illustrious UK universities available.
Not only am I having to listen to the strong American accent but the views of someone not resident here, not born here, not knowing first hand of the issues as they apply to our Great Britain.
If I tune in at random any time of the day the odds of hearing an American accent are becoming increasingly noticeable and increasingly irritating.

Michael Sandel explores the philosophical justifications made for national borders. Using a pioneering state-of-the-art studio at the Harvard Business School, Professor Sandel is joined by 60 participants from over 30 countries in a truly global digital space. 

He is about to "draagh" a conclusion and I have to listen irritated or not !

And now he is gone and I am none the wiser...  9.45 am.


Since you nor made nor battered humankind 
Let not yourself be uselessly inclined 
To shape them on your heart, as if it were 
An anvil, with the hammer of your mind 

Ernest E. Laws        
1890 - 1982          

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