4 March 2016

Snow shower on Yar Tor

With no particular venue in mind, today's venture up onto the moor was a case of following where the 4/4 Morgan wanted to go. The Dart bridge, under repair has been closed off to traffic for a few days but today was clear. On the way up the steep incline towards Poundsgate the birds were in full song, even above the drum of the twin cam engine.

FL24mm/1/160s/f4.0/ISO 100

From Sharp Tor I was soon up beside Yar Tor but nothing dramatic came in view until in the north west appeared a mighty threatening cloud-bank.  A snow shower heading directly towards the Tor forced a dashing about to raise the hood of the Morgan.

Imaginary fears of being marooned by deep snowdrifts were quickly dispelled as no more than a gentle reminder that the moor can sometimes surprise. 

FL32.mm/1/125s/f4.5/ISO  100

From the variety of light and shade you may think these shots were taken on different days of the week but you would be quite wrong since they were all done within 40 minutes as the shower passed and revealed its powdering of bright white icing across the scene.

FL32mm/1/125s/f4.5/ISO 100

FL46mm/Ex1/500/f14.0/ISO 500

The shower passed overhead and here is seen heading away towards Torbay and out to sea.

FL50mm/Ex 1/80/f4.5/ISO 100

FL28mm/Ex 1/160/ f6.3/ISO 100

FL 32mm /Ex 1/160 /f18.0/  ISO 320

FL 24mm/ Ex 1/200 /f 20.0 / ISO 320

FL24mm / Ex 1/160 / f18.0 / ISO 320

Adding camera settings here is something not normally done by me. With the light rapidly changing minute by minute a degree of guesswork is called for.

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