3 July 2014

Hillclimbs fit for a Morgan

Devon has several hills such as Wiscombe Speed Hill climb where the eager speeder can burn rubber. Cornwall has blue hills for the trials enthusiasts.

More appealing to me are the open roads closer to home, some steep, some quite narrow, some between high hedgerows, and others across the open moors.

Today I took the Mog up one such shady climb known as Blackbird Hill. Watch the video here, breath in on the narrow sections; hold tight around the corners, hazards include farm vehicles, cycles, and fallow deer that sometimes dash across the path. 


Graham Tapper said...

Look no hands

Adrian Slade said...

Looks like a lovely drive

Frank 4x4 said...

Hi Graham,
If you are interested in Hill Climbs, I don't know if you ever saw the 1920's Autocar articles on the 152 test hills in use then.
I have mapped them or as near as I could establish their locations.
I have given you access to the map if you are interested to have a look.
Best Wishes