7 July 2014

What keeps a man away from his Mog

Now into the fifth week of hard labor on vital upgrades to our buy to let and about half way to completion.
Damp treatment started today, walls 90% re-plastered, Bathroom and kitchen about to be re-fitted.
After twelve years of ownership the fabric is fully investigated and found in need of much work beneath years of casual attention.
Encouraged by William and Sophia we are getting to grips at last.
Helen stripping paint

Unpacking fittings

Assembled vanity unit and bathroom radiator

Reinstalled bannister handrail

Damp proofing work ongoing

Bags of rubble for disposal

Dining room - shall we paint over the wood?

Kitchen pipework

Every picture tells a story !

Maybe something here will come in useful

Waiting for kitchen units

William at work

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