2 July 2014

Thames barge at Topsham

Each month or so Helen and me  visit Topsham to check progress of the renovation of Thames barge Vigilant. At least I do the checking while Helen wanders through a few of the nearby charity shops.
Looking through enormous gaping holes in the timbers of this historic vessel it seems a hopeless task to get her seaworthy again and yet it was towed here down the channel from the east coast and onto the mud of the Exe Estuary at Topsham by the shipwrights and rescuers of the barge.
On the mud berth waiting re-birth
Chaos on deck

 And on the dockside are several classic yachts in much better shape

Three each en-route to the Falmouth Tall ships event to be held in August
No room on Topsham waterfront

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Chuckers said...

I remember Topsham well. Helen and I spent a wonderful few days there while one part of our family were holidaying on a Park in Dawlish. Lovely place.