26 July 2014

 Morgan on the open road, Dartmoor.

An early rise and the 4/4 is fuelled up and ready to catch the magic of first light

From the turning of the key, it takes me 30 minutes to reach the Moor and today I aim to see the sunrise.

Remember to watch out for ponies, four legs have right of way over the 4/4.

The Skylark sings above the sound of the engine and all is well with the world.

Off come the side-screens for the open road and vision to the far horizon.

 My battered old Panasonic Lumix is lashed to the Mog bonnet strap

 The short route skirts Hey Tor and Hound Tor. 


Chuckers said...

Lovely pictures Graham. Early and late in the day are definitely the best times for photography. Wind noise is such a problem when taking movies and what the answer is I don't know. I used to strap my movie camera to the mizzen mast on my Dabber and the films always suffered, even if there was just a slight breeze blowing.
Chris Gleave

Graham Tapper said...

Good to know you enjoyed the pictures Chris,
I know I should devise some method of filtering out that wind noise. The camera adjusts automatically to decrease input volume and silences all else in the process. I shall experiment and think of something.