7 May 2015

Chagford for a Latte

Rarely do the two of us discover such a new venue to write home about, but today we chanced upon The Birdcage at Chagford.

This gets 10 points and five stars on the intimate little cafe / restaurant chart.

The Birdcage for a coffee and cheese scone

The Birdcage Cafe & Restaurant   ...  on the web

Looked in at James Bowden & Son, General Store to buy a couple of chamois leathers for renewing the wrap around gaiters on the Morgan front suspension.

Homeward bound  we took the back lanes towards the moor skirting Nattadown and Moretonhampstead following the "Skylark Route" -   listening out along the way. There are plenty up here today and the gorse is on fire - all glowing yellow. 

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