18 May 2015

Second Leg to the Sun.

Left Gannat at 8.45 am and enjoyed lovely scenic drive (part M way and part scenic open country roads) to arrive in Sanary Sur Mer at 4.30 pm British Time which is 5.30 pm here.
Heading south on the A75 / E11 we pass Clermont-Ferrand and leave at Exit No. 20 onto the N102 towards Le Puy-en-Velay taking the D906 to by pass the town then N102 to Aubenas. Along the way we take a break and stretch the legs at St Christophe-Sur-Dolaison and wander into the church - European Capital du Saint Jacques de Compostel. 

Saint Jacques de Compostel

 At Alba-la-Romaine forking right to the D107 to Viviers joining the A7 M way towards Orange A7 - E714  turning off East onto the E80 - A8  followed by the A52 and then the A50 to Bandol and Sanary-Sur-Mer.

Arrived here about 6 pm and enjoyed pastries beside the harbour. 

Sanary sur Mer

Favourite location  -  Favourite conveyance

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