4 May 2015

The Race is On

In the belief my Solo dinghy was overweight I asked the official measurer to properly weigh the hull in the hope that I would be able to remove a 2 Kilo lead weight corrector attached since new.
But surprise, surprise the hull is not overweight.  The only prospect of losing this handicap is to diet and so far 4 lbs has come off my spare tyre. No bread, no sugar, no confectionary, no comfort snacking.

In this light dinghy, on a small estuary, weight is often a major handicap and much of the time, race positions are determined by the weight of the nut on the tiller.
So far this spring series I find myself in second place after an exciting weekend. Pipped on the finish line on Sunday and quite exhausted after two races, back to back, I needed all the help to haul the dinghy up the slipway afterwards.
Force four, gusting five, from the east south east had stretched us all .

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