25 May 2015

Chioggia awake

A busy fishing port as well as a holiday destination and  city of historic interest, our first day here is on foot, exploring the little alleyways and shops, architecture and waterfront with its myriad shape and size of vessel.
If Venice is sinking and in terminal decline then Chioggia must be its antithesis. The sole purpose is not focused just on tourism but also in a sustainable economy giving an air of confidence to the folk here.

Crossing lots of bridges today, including one too far.  Helen hurried over a very busy pedestrian crossing and I was left biding my time, when a young woman rushed to my aid, took me insistently by the elbow and accompanied me across; to Helen's great amusement I have to say.
This says less about me than it does about the kind Italian and her nation's outgoing nature. Quite delightful.

7 am and the commuter traffic is beginning to cross the bridge I am standing  on.

Stall holders and shop fronts just opening for business

Alley cats looking for fish scraps, Swallows and swifts looking for insects and me looking for best viewpoints

Quiet reflections

The water here is very slightly tidal; enough to cleanse and freshen it each day 

Venice ferry departure point 20 Euros return

Chimney pots with a purpose

Statuesque she surveys the scene

Colourful washing and colourful buildings this sunny Monday morning

Signs of life at the window - An arm reaches out out and hangs up another garment to dry

The tower bells ring but tell the hour in a blaze of misguided notes

The artists studio is within the arches to the right

The hills of Chioggia are only very little - up to the bridge then down again

Working boats plentiful - pleasure boats less so

By late afternoon the rain passed northwards and for the second time we sped all over the place on the free bicycles provided by our hotel more of which later. Suffice to say we are quite delighted and comfortable here and on day two we are exploring Italian ice cream flavours. Licorice and Lemon might seem an unlikely combination but this woke my taste buds with a jolt, sitting in the sun.  Alternating between the two, either cancels the other out and puzzles the tastebuds.

Fishing boats return near to the fish market.

Articulated lorries carry away the days' fish catch

One of  many footbridges

No gondolas in Chioggia

Pale sandstone guardians

On our hotel doorstep 

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