8 October 2015

Morgan 4/4 Radiator failure

Heading towards Newton Abbot yesterday and on the way home from Coombe Cellars the coolant temperature suddenly began to rise cresting the hill by Centrax. A quick inspection revealed the top hose into the radiator had become detached. Fortunately an emergency lash up was possible and water top-up made at the garage, only a short distance down the hill.

The gentle drive home made to keep water temperature as low as possible so as not to raise pressure. The filler cap was also left loose so as not to allow pressure to blow off the temporary lashing. 

Reason for the fracture occuring in the first place seems to be the fact that the radiator is part moulded in plastic. A part prone to vibration, heat and pressure should be of more robust material but others have also reported radiator failures in their Morgans. An issue of quality control perhaps.

Lashed up radiator inlet hoze

Top left inlet pipe fractured.

A new aluminium radiator from Mulfab will hopefully be fitted next week in time for more motoring while the weather is still kind.   

Stub end as removed from inside of inlet hoze

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