12 October 2015

Replacing the radiator - Update to follow.

Very few nuts and bolts hold the assemblage in place. As simple as a Meccano.

Three hoses held by one jubillee clip each

Grill assembly & radiator removed

Four nuts hold frame with two U bolts -  Lower two brackets held by rack and pinion bolts.  Removed and discarded.

Mounting bracket shown, holds radiator down into rubber bushed slots at the top. Old radiator to be discarded. Side tanks and shroud of plastic which appears to have gone brittle. Mounting lugs had sheered as well as the top hose inlet.

Fan slots onto radiator and held by two screws. The cooling air has to pass through the fan shroud even when fan is not running.   The Mulfab replacement discards the shroud allowing unrestricted airflow 

Plastic and rubber shrouds slot into place. The fan is ok and to be re-used.

Bonnett held by two screws at each end of hinge

So that's the broken radiator out of the way. Lets hope the new one goes into place as easily, later in the week.

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