12 October 2015

Them and Us

The common man has common ideas and the clever man has clever ideas.
This group of academics and representatives of the legal profession suggests that Britain ought to make welcome, substantially more refugees than the 20,000 Government figure already proposed . Accommodate a greater, but as yet unspecified number onto our shores. Without actually saying where they might be housed, who would gainfully employ them, by what means some of their number inclined to terrorism, may be singled out.

These people know little of the outside world

Their high and mighty society of the priviledged few, better able to secure their own future and good health, seem to think that by making politically correct, grandious charitable notions known in The Times Newspaper and the Guardian Newspaper, it will somehow alter the minds of the common people.
Ignorant of the hardship the lesser classes endure. Out of touch with public opinion. Unable to imagine what work is like outside chambers, cloysters, grand halls and offices; this highbrow minority needs to speak to the man in the street, try a job that has risks attached, gets the hands dirty, leads to stress, depression, anxiety, or self harm.
I would ask this Legal Community of elite, misguided seekers of urgent action, to consider for a moment the consequences of their call; should it ever be realised.  I suggest that their intrusion onto the political scene is more to do with lining their own pockets, many or most of their number being human rights lawyers.

Cartoon credit to The Times Newspaper:  (13 Oct. 2015)

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