14 October 2015

Morgan has radiator transfusion

Revived in the cooling department ready for the road and slightly lighter at the front end, my preferred conveyance is sporting a nice new aluminium radiator. Mulfab are to be saluted for producing a superior quality piece of kit that arrived on my doorstep on Tuesday as promised, very carefully parcelled up, complete with all necessary nuts, bolts, brackets and hoses.
Re-filled with the red, anti-corrosion coolant, newly greased up sliding pillars and a wash and brush up. With the forecast set fair I feel a gentle drive across Dartmoor the best option after an initial warm up over Haldon Moor.
Not a difficult task, with a rating of about two spanners.

Fan shroud no longer required

Uprated radiator has about 15% greater area

No mesh added behind grill as yet

All up and running again - Road tested -  Jubilee clips tighted - Anti-freeze topped up.

Taking temperature reading from top to bottom of the radiator after a run, the bottom 1/4 is quite cold indicating the thermostat is sipping  coolant through well within the capacity of the radiator to supply. The  metal return tube across and behind the radiator also stays cold.

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