11 June 2016

From Modena to Chioggia

Before leaving Modena and a light breakfast, I strolled up the lane past a cattle market, beside cornfields and waste ground close to a railway. From a thicket came a chorus of Nightingales - I hope the sound comes through on this video - I can't tell because the speakers of my laptop no longer function. (I need to toss away my Toshiba). Play to listen not to watch !

Near Modena

The stopover accommodation chosen was excellent, but the resultant Motorway Mog north east to our farthest destination Chioggia was hectic with Friday's holiday traffic, and not for those of a nervous disposition. Seriously cut up on a couple of occasions, either one could have terminated the whole adventure. The instinctive sideways glance of this ex-motorcyclist writer led to appropriate avoiding action. At least two wrong turns were later made, despite a map and GPS. One road lead us along beside the river Po but soon we find it barred - under repair. A final upset in efforts to traverse the port to reach our hotel was caused by the busy Saturday street market. Happily resolved with a wide circuit over several bridges and at least half a dozen roundabouts. The Morgan is now tucked up once more against the possibility of thunderstorms.
Here we stop for a few days  

Later we shall make for France and the wedding of Max's sister. Max being the father of our first grandson Leon Joseph - we are missing him already - only 14 months old and still recovering from his first haircut. Meanwhile our ferry trips to Venice are planned subject to a good weather window.

   Bicycle Roulette often sees toddlers and  little children balance behind mum or dad or granddad or grandma, propelled under battery power.

Wake up time after Sunday's siesta

Warm thundery rain heads our way

Tree trunks and mast poles

 Chioggia has many waterways

Weeding out the nets

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