23 June 2016

Sanary Sur Mer as wedding guests

A visit to the the town hall of the Mairie and a first for us. At high noon not a cloud to be seen in the sky or on the horizon. No rain fell overnight just a powdering of light ochre desert dust from the other side of the Med. A relaxing day by the harbour and a grand restaurant meal to celebrate our lovely holiday this far and its polling day at home. Only the third poll in all of Britain's long history.
The strengths and weaknesses of those that aspire to lead us have been exposed as never before. Big changes are sure to be seen, after this historic vote to leave the EU. Restoration of independence and freedom to control our borders is seen by the majority as vital to the future.  No longer are we to be lectured. Leader Cameron now a "dead man walking". One who ignored the will of his electorate.

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