9 June 2016

Mog away to Italy

Brexit vote already posted  we take the night ferry crossing from Plymouth to Roscoff  arriving at 8am into a damp blanket of low cloud. Within a mile of arrival a sobering sight greeted us. An accident victim was lying on the ground looking very bloodied, being comforted by someone, as a number of onlookers stood by. It appeared that his machine had been struck at our T junction and been thrown off the road into the field to our left. Ambulances sped to the scene as we headed away.
By the time we reached Le Mans the cloud cover and our spirits begin to lift. Then our first stop for fuel and refreshments. No sign of a fuel strike so far.
The Morgan is performing as it should, fully laden and on song.  We are escorted for several miles by a Ferrari which wafts by in gunmetal grey livery looking  good, and driven in gentle manner.  Two or three times we were hampered by heavy goods and only then did the growl of a Ferrari exhaust note tell of momentary frustration.
Our first rest stop is at Gannat and a new venue Hôtel-Logis La Coraline where the Mog is cocooned under a tarp and by early morning a clear sky dawns. Highly recommended is our finding. The charming hosts are Phillipe and Pascale.
Continuing towards Briancon, a more northerly route had to be taken due to closures. Saint Etienne, Chamberry, Valloire and the Col du Galibier gave us a splendid scenic route to Briancon.

As the mountain road ascended we were overtaken by a race-rally of some seriously quick sports machines and the Morgan enjoyed a moment of glory as we passed professional photographer; Griffopix .  Some burbled, others roared, turbo Porsches  drummed and a Lotus of some sort positively screamed by.  Now  here I had better add that the road surface was newly gritted and very dusty. Motorcyclists heading our way were riding well aware they had poor grip on lines of loose raised gravel. A sweeper truck was creating great clouds of dust and as we edged into the grass verge his high up driving cab was totally enveloped in the grey stuff.


Stop to admire the view

Heavy snows layered with Sahara desert sand fell this year

Going up and up

A chill wind here but soon  the descent leads into warm air

Photo  session here is halted by a sudden rain shower 

The Galibier tunnel from the south entrance

Brianson  B&B  of a rustic nature and run by a British couple.

La Vieille Ecurie served up delicious food but the greeting was a cold Basil Fawlty while Sybil seemed preoccupied strimming the lawn.  The apologetic young waitress was sweet enough, and it was left entirely to her to explain that there was a heating malfunction and no hot water for our bathroom. Helen was not best pleased  - We both left as dusty as we were on arrival.

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