7 June 2016

Hexagonal Top Bar Beehive

A fresh interest in bee-keeping has prompted me to put together from scratch a beehive with a difference.  Not to my own design but that of an American and named a "Cathedral" top bar hive. More info here:  With my very small garden, and proximity of neighbours to consider, the sighting of my hive will be in a near neighbour's secluded garden.
Hopefully my hive will be populated with a swarm or nucleus at the end of June.

Lid removed with side flap open to reveal inspection window.

Showing floor beneath aluminium mesh and slide in bottom tray to catch mites etc on a vasaline sticky surface.

At bottom outside is the landing platform and entrance slot

Mostly cedarwood and hardwood sapele construction

Sketch showing arched top bars with four holes through (a superhighway for the bees to get from frame to frame in warmth aiding survival in cold weather)

23 top bars each 1.5in wide

Bars have air gap slot cut into the side seen top which bees may fill to regulate temperature as necessary

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