24 April 2018

Hairpins through Eucalyptus groves to Atlantic harbours

We stay closer to the sea and our B&B. today.
Returning to the A Garda site (350 meters above sea level) , we enjoyed lunch in the cafeteria overlooking the Atlantic harbour. Watched from here the working fleet of small fishing boats returns in the afternoon ahead of a strengthening breeze.
Several coach loads of tourists descend on this honey pot location. Few of them seem to have a moment to spare to wander through the Celtic stone circle huts. One coach is taking passengers from a cruise liner and we chat with some Americans on a seventeen day cruise. Another planned port of call is Southampton and their coach ride to Stonehenge.

Taking the Morgan to the waters edge  of the harbour  later was nerve racking through streets too narrow for comfort,  but a leisurely stroll about here is worth the trouble nonetheless.

The harbour at A Garda

Very narrow streets lead here

Perched on top of the conical hill is the Celtic village we journeyed here to see

A few miles north up the coast lies a tiny natural harbour and the village of Chavella.
MONASTERIO DE OIA is situated here adjacent to sea front and in need of restoration. "Ripe for  improvement" would be my description. There are plans afoot to develop the site and  the buildings.

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