22 April 2018

Ponto de Lima & Lindos

These two venues seen on a bright Sunday gave a flavour of life across the border and into Portugal though no physical barrier seems to exist. A motorway toll was all that hindered us for a second or two and a charge of ten cents for the very brief section near the Rio Lima.
The wide Roman bridge spans this shallow river. The margins and a central island of shallow aquatic plants was alive with the croaking of frogs as we walked across and roamed into riverside gardens. Several arbour walkways have blossoming Wisteria and grape vine trellises.  On the Portugal side of the river is a roman  keep but the street scene is more interesting as we come across the carnival atmosphere of traditional folk dancers and an accordion band dressed in local costume.
I found myself a nice pair of shoes in the market at a price too good to be missed.
At Lindos is a medieval castle beside scores of the  little grain stores known as Horreo.

Folk Dancers

Riverside gardens

European Green Lizard

Sunbathing atop a castle wall

Horreos beside the castle 

Frogs in Spain - I looked but could see none. so well camouflaged are they

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