16 April 2018

Morgan motoring in the Picos de Europa

On Sunday afternoon our short hop to the ferry port had been interrupted by a brief stop to raise the hood as we passed through a heavy shower, lowered again on arrival at the port of Plymouth.
Parked behind a Bentley Continental once through customs and aboard The Pont Aven.  We make complimentary remarks of one another’s conveyance. My cheeky offer to exchange was politely refused; (only joking). He asks if mine is not made of plywood and not to disappoint him I indicated that from the scuttle rearwards it is wood clad in aluminium. I ask if he will be lowering the hood of his Bentley; “depends on the good lady wife” came his diplomatic response.
Her long black coat and demeanour was funereal as she stood at the nearside quarter of the magnificent car like a steel bollard, uncomfortably defiant. The Bentley in Arctic White was upholstered in Royal Ivory hide, the hood of Royal Blue Mohair fabric soon to be lowered on arrival at Santander.
The Bay of Biscay was fairly rough with regular clouds of sea spray obliterating the view forward as the Pont-Aven ploughed through big waves off Brest. Sleep came eventually and the ships pitching into the long swell later progressed to a rolling motion between the wave crests.

Santander has a much improved road link directly into the motorway system and we reached Potes for a light meal. Ham and chips for Helen, chorizo and chips for me.
Now back on the road we see quite spectacular limestone gorges along the N621.   Soon amidst a snow topped mountain landscape, viewed to best advantage from our little open topped sports, two-seater. Turning north at Portilla de la Reina we pass over another col before the decent into Posada de Valdeon.
Our host mentions how very lucky we are with the weather which has been wet for weeks until today.

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