29 April 2018

South of Oviero

After seven glorious days in Burgueira near Baiona we hide away in one little hamlet south of Oviero.  The motorway driving and fast red road on our map was not the most direct route. About four and a half hours and 290 miles. Passing by Ourense, Ponferrada, Astorga and Leon, then northwards towards Oviedo.
Hiding away in our retreat,  a self contained chalet next to the landowner's home brewery and cider orchard. The house cow bell rings away down the hill and the Morgan is covered against overnight rain.
Saturday sets in damp and becomes wetter during the day. A round tour of villages begins with the hood down.  A late lunch of delicious chicken, three course meal was taken at a busy roadside cafe. The bar and windows and ceiling joists feature ancient, weather warn timbers and supporting pillars of up-cycled pegollos.  The rain tipped down as our pootle along discovered steep sided valleys and mist veiled hills that melted into pale grey skies.
Through Argame we went, then Fuejos, Proaza, Arrojo,  Barzana, Piedraceda, and many such villages with their Horrios perched awry. Aged timbers shade ancient implements, carts, assortments of  a rural nature, or wood stacks for  fuelling the warm blue smoke that drifts aloft.  Ours is 200 years old, built without nails and beneath it is a useful car-port should we need it.

As forecast, the weekend is wet, so we venture into the hills armed with brolly and camera for a second day of dampness.

Fresh from the garden

Ready to go

Hay cart

 The horrio is more than just a shed

A time capsule

The open  laundry wash space next to the Rio Trubia and Puente Medieval  (bridge)

The road here is none too good

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