1 January 2015

Dark matter V Grey matter - LHC Update

Reading of new attempts to explain our Cosmos, I wonder if the quest for the God Particle is not just another wild goose chase. This innocent little speck of a wimp, too shy to show itself. Pursued by the Hadron Collider in Cern, Switzerland, it bolts down a rabbit hole labyrinth of magnets and maths beyond my comprehension.

Butterfly Nebula Courtesy of Hubble Telescope

However, there is a wider field of speculation to enjoy.

What is there beyond the stars?
My notion, for what it's worth, begins here:
The toy of five or more steel balls, hung from a trestle by string, demonstrates how wave energy travels along from end to end. Ocean waves do similar work in carrying energy across the face of the earth undiminished.
All manner of radiation is brought to our earth's surface from the sun and wider cosmos. The puzzle is to discover what the transmitting medium is between these motions.
Sound waves require air or a liquid to travel in. But a vacuum transmits no sound.
Therefore it seems logical to suppose that all waves, of whatever wavelength, require some medium, through which to travel.
Light itself is one of those wave forms and presumably requires a medium in which to propagate. The denser the  medium - the faster the travel of waves.  Light may be travelling through a medium that is the most dense of all, since it travels at the fastest known speed.
Now consider just what that medium could be.
Invisible, unyielding and unbroken across the whole of our cosmos.
Is this a weightless solid body composed of matter that  transmits light at a specific speed - the speed of light?
Our cosmos is criss crossed by light that shifts into the red spectrum the further it travels. Distant objects being shifted along the spectrum, supposedly indicates the distance of those objects from us. We are led to believe that because of the red shift observed in the wavelength of light, the distant cosmos is rapidly moving away from us and therefore expanding in every direction away from where we are, described as the Doppler affect.
I find it hard to accept the finite nature of an expanding cosmos - a specific big bang event.

I prefer the notion of an infinite cosmos, and dismiss the big bang theory. An alternative explanation for the observed red shift in the distant light spectrum could be the universal element carbon, which in water solution has the colour red. The cosmos may simply be tinted with an infinitely weak solution of carbon atoms which have the ability to shift light to the red end of the spectrum.  (2)

Another factor to consider is the quantum mechanics of minuscule matter in which every such particle has a twin elsewhere, to reflect its every move. I readily accept that idea because the infinitely solid, transparent cosmos may be likened to a weightless, solid block of energy transmitting fabric, once described as ether, subject to (the theory of) relativity.

I understand light not to be a parcel of something posted at one end and exiting at the other, but a wave front that arrives intact at the other end, just a little reddened in time. 

Most waves of radiation carried in the wider spectrum is not seen by our eyes at all, only the narrow visible spectrum of the rainbow.  The invisible spectrum covers a very much broader band width and also carries with it a high quantity of energy.

Gravity is the force holding together what is seen and perhaps this too is governed by the energy fabric just described.  Spinning objects include the gyroscope and a more forceful example is the spinning bicycle wheel - try to support it by each side of the axle in turn and it twists away to the left or right.

Imagine the spinning atoms of the wheel having to pass through the spinning atoms of energy fabric, which may align themselves according to the mass of the earth. The interaction between these two is what imparts the twisting force. Glen Turner of the Gyroscopes Forum tells me that it twists the same way whichever earth hemisphere we are in, ( Gyroscopes forum  ) which suggests that the earths' rotation and magnetic field have only a marginal influence on the spinning wheel precession. 

Recent discoveries indicate that waveforms can be manipulated to move objects in the tractor beam of science fiction. Might gravity itself not be a tractor beam effect, where the energy fabric ether is altered by the mass of all objects, such that they attract to one another by the relatively weak force we know as gravity. Watch waves attract.  Link here:  Water and the tractor beam

(1) News Flash 23-03-2015   New LHC quest will be to disprove the Big Bang Theory and search for mini black holes.  Telegraph report here:- De-bunk the Big Bang  

(2)  Cosmic Carbon 60 discovery

Happy New Year.

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