6 January 2015

Debris : Treasure : Delight : Despair

Objects,  memories and the stuff we acquire.
For me the grandfather clock signifies, not because its valuable or beautiful, but because my mother polished it as a little girl, and I think of her work, that gave such a deep shine to the wood.  It stood in a miners cottage in the Welsh valleys, where black coal dust permeated everything - even inside the case.

It grieves me to think the clock may fall under the Auctioneers Hammer one day. No matter, tomorrow I may throw away what someone else will treasure, and someone else treasure what I once touched.
Now I am no preacher or bible puncher, but it has to be said that much wisdom has been hijacked by the Good Book. Build not Ye treasures on Earth, fits the sentiment I try to explain. 
Does a Morgan 4/4 qualify as one of these treasures.  Would I be happier without it?    No - not just now!
Petrol prices falling.  King pins greased.  Helen and I trawling accommodation options for Switzerland and with summer on the way.
Be Happy,  tomorrow could be wet and windy!


When doing nothing is the only option. 

Now and again we all get a piece of news that knocks the stuffing out of us. It makes you feel wretched to the core, or worse. I have known what it means to be reduced to a level of despair, when help is a straw in the wind.  

A phone call from my brother telling of my mothers fatal car accident was one of those moments - the guilt - the grief - the awful recognition of losing someone so adored. My brave face became unrecognisable and my brave heart was nowhere to be found. Time was the only healer that ever helped.


Life choices are always to be made for good or ill and they demand attention. We lose some sleep, then ponder the impossible. Anyone can make a snap decision, that's the easy one. For the ditherer - from one who has dithered a plenty: If it's really what you want - make it snappy. If you don't know - sleep on it.  If it troubles you for more than a month or two - ask a friend to make the choice for you.

The blue Draper dribbles everywhere - The Wanner is an easy winner. 

When you don't make your mind up you don't get what you want. An occasion when its better to be happy with what's already to hand.

Now I have two grease guns, one is messy, heavy and leaks. The rubbish blue Draper.

The other is compact, effective,  and does not leak,  Swiss made by Wanner, found on E-bay at   £12.50 

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