18 January 2015

Exmoor lightly dusted in snow

Leaving the North Devon link road at the Tiverton junction, Helen and I take the scenic road  north beside the River Exe and make for Simonsbath and Brendon for a lunch at the 17th century Rockford Inn.

Log fire and a friendly welcome are there waiting for us. But before settling down we stretched our legs down beside the swift flowing river across  the wooden bridge opposite.

Rapid thaw in bright sun sending water across the road

Now in need of a good hose down

The Rockford Inn

This super little Devonshire pub is tucked out of the way down some of Devon's quieter lanes sandwiched between the hills and the sea. Today the East Lyn river was gushing with plenty of snow melt-water under a clear blue sky. Mid winter and no leaves on the trees allows more light into this steep sided valley. 

Very wet and windswept all across the moor and even on this Sunday weekend the Exmoor ponies are scarcely seen.  

The East Lyn River

From here the footpath leads on down to Watersmeet and Lynmouth

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