10 January 2015

Time - Distance - Speed

Time equals distance over speed. Without distance time ceases to exist.
Liken the cosmos to half an hourglass. Set within one sphere and opposite another sphere, spinning about the axis of a black hole through which nothing may pass intact. Everything has emerged from such a hole and will doubtless re-pass through another at some future distant juncture.
The black hole; an invisible heavy object, not actually a hole at all. More voracious predator of matter.
Familiar only with finite quantities, the prospect of the infinite is almost beyond our comprehension.

The midge flaps wings a thousand times a second. To land it must adjust each beat in milliseconds.
The hump back whale, lifespan near 200 years. He sings a song an hour long to attract a mate from over the horizon.  He waits for a reply in a month or two, not long to wait. No clocks or dials in his ocean.Whale calls from beneath Arctic ice

Time the artificial construct without equal. Take away speed and distance and time becomes a single moment, where the present is never present, the beginning a mere idea, and the end just hope.
If the cosmos is expanding outwards something strange occurs at the size of infinity which is what I imagine has already happened.

At initial size of one light year, the cosmos would increase in size by 100% the second light year.  At 100 light years in size it would increase in size by around 1%. because the speed of light is not exceeded.
At infinite size the rate of increase is zero because light speed is finite. Likewise if the cosmos of infinite size were to decrease in size at the speed of light no apparent shrinking would be seen.
Could such a preposterous idea be true ?

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