14 January 2015

Dartmoor at a distance / Fishing at Coombe Cellars

Snow dusting Dartmoor

Beside the Teign Estuary

From the Teign Estuary, Dartmoor is seen with a light dusting of snow today, but the roads are all salted and the Morgan just washed and polished. So rather than explore the moors, I spent an hour or so at the Yacht Club.  Wednesdays happens to be a social interlude for those of us with spare time on our hands to natter about not very much.

A group of fishing companions have gathered, each with twin sets of rods and foul weather gear.
There are reputed to be flounder about here, though only rarely do we see any being caught. I have stepped on one and liken it to stepping on a cold, slippery, hot water bottle.

Now, fishing is a serious business and I have to say I have enjoyed many a session in a small boat offshore, to bring back a bucket full for the freezer.

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