1 September 2017

Frogs Legs and Dog Legs - Day 1...

Departing for the Pyrenees in the 4/4 Morgan and having only just given away Jack, our British Blue cat, to our kind friend Ellie and two small children. To be given greater attention than we can give,  this very much loved pet had taken a mouthfull of fur from our neighbour's elderly cat and became boisterous just once too often.  More seriously, our two little grandchildren are going to be sorely missed over the next couple of weeks, with our baby sitting  duties temporarily suspended.

Exploration will focus for the two weeks away, on the backwaters of the western Pyrenees, searching for scenic routes and isolated villages.  Weather forecasted for the first week looks fine with limited precipitation.

The tarp, along with a rudimentary tool roll, not forgetting the Wanner grease gun and tub of "Red&Sticky" to lubricate the sliding pillars are all safely stowed. As well as a brolly, hiking stick, fire extinguisher, and a newly fitted brake light of LED strip, attached to the luggage rack.
Brittany Ferries advise of an upgraded security regime, saying that additional baggage inspections are likely to be carried out on the vehicle,  and on the passenger decks, but these were discreet and hardly noticed by us. 




After the overnight crossing we found Roscoff fine at 7am and took the route over higher ground, the scenic route with the heather just coming into flower was shrouded in a patchwork of sea fog rolling in from the Atlantic Ocean.   A brief stop at Pleyben and a peep inside the ornate granite built church was a rewarding sight for sore eyes. Once refreshed over a strong coffee we motored on to Pons where more impressive granite structures adorn the little hilltop town. The leg south during the afternoon was dramatic,  through some heavy thundery showers, so much so that the hood had to be deployed and progress slowed to half speed.

Fully laden the Morgan carries about sixty Kg of luggage on the rack, including  some tools squirelled away beneath the spare wheel. Tire pressures had been set to 1.5 bar but was upped to 1.7 bar en-route, which gave much improvement to the skittish handling at motorway speeds. 

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