3 September 2017

Sheeps Legs--Day 3

Suggestions from Lucile for scenic drives out from St-Jean-Pied-de-Port, our first venture up into the hills has been a delight from start to finish. Through Beech woods and steep sided, deep valleys then quickly climbing through myriad hairpin bends to hill top grazing where very large flocks are to be seen. Spectacular views come into view across each new horizon.
To view a flavour of this extraordinary landscape the link below should lead to You Tube videos of our ride out today; (Link Below)...

The D18 heading south-sou-east was taken towards Pic des Escalliers where  the road bcomes the D19. Les Chalets d'Iraty are there for the many walkers who take themselves on the long trail to Santiago de Compostela armed with hiking sticks and laden with rucksaks, some small, some larger than their own torso.

On return, somehow finding ourselves on the D301, we passed through Esterencuby amongst hills and deep gouged valleys. Geology here speaks of ground rising from below sea level and exposed rock formations of beach rounded pebbles erode then wash away clean down rivers that teem with trout.

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