10 September 2017

Torla and a peep at Ordesa

Some overnight snow flurries had capped the mountain tops overnight but the valley drive through this dramatic gorge was pleasantly warm. Only to be cut short when the paved road became a rough stone surface and a little too risky for M44. With an about-face, our track back to Torla led through tight hairpin bends. A later stop for refreshments at Biescas completed the trip.

The old Roman stone bridge at Bujaruelo was on the wish list to see, but sadly missed out on this occasion. 


The river Ara 

So far and no further said dear Helen - The conveyance too precious - A few moments after this shot was taken FOUR young ladies leapt from their Peugot saloon and raved in Spanish or maybe it was French - so excited to see an opportunistic photo call.   M44 soon had all four squeeze like sardines onto  two available seats.  

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