4 September 2017

St-Jean-Pied-de-Port Market Day

Not expecting an evening meal today we wander through the covered market stocking up with some little local delicacies to snack on later. A connoiseur of cheese would spend a whole day sampling all that was on offer here from local producers.
Today's run took us through St-Etienne-de-Biagorry, Aldudes, briefly into Spain on the NA318, before looping back towards Elizonda and through St-Etienne-de-Biagorry, where the camera came into play briefly.
The Roman bridge has the date 1066 inscribed on a tablet in the stonework and the well worn track shows the trammel lines of many hundreds of years of river crossings. The church is equally interesting and attracts a steady stream of visitors  delivered by the coachload.
The motorist is fortunate in France not to be milked at every opportunity for parking and not a cent have we spent so far. However, there is a wake up call when regular speed humps appear, as they are vicious enough to launch an F35 fighter jet from the Aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth 11. (At £100,000,000 each these aircraft should need no such assistance).  All that stops M44 from becoming airbourne is a snails pace approach to every such hump in the road.

Roman bridge dated 1066

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